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Final Tree of the Elder World
Awakened -5293 AR
Source: Heart of the Jungle, pg(s). 41 (1E)
The Mwangi Expanse, pg(s). 251 (2E)

Dimari-Diji is the guardian of the Nemesis Well, a way between worlds, located at the heart of the city of Osibu in the Mwangi Expanse. Having survived the coming of the Starstone, he is one of the oldest creatures still living on Golarion, and intends to stop the next apocalypse before it happens.12


Dimari-Diji only knows that he is the youngest arboreal in his copse. Of all his siblings, he only managed to track down Umdasi-Umalo and Silang-Sefa, the ancient, barely-alive arboreal that stands at the centre of Ranage's Circle in the Mwangi Jungle.345


The only person that Dimari-Diji regularly bonds with is the incumbent Uur Chyayu, currently Umanja-jinga, whom he regards as one of his favourite people to have held the office. Although he initially found himself at odds with her challenging wit, over time they eventually developed a deep, stimulating friendship. While he rarely interacts with Osibu's population at large, over the years, he has developed a true affection toward the people who tend to the plants of Osibu and the Screaming Jungle, and they listen to the druidic secrets that he shares.1 Thanks to these secrets, many elders of Osibu resemble young adults, despite their age.6

Every day, Dimari-Diji allows people to ask him questions as he tends to the Nemesis Well. The daily number of questions used to be three, but was reduced to one in 4718 AR, when distractions from these inquiries allowed Deron Malcarian to escape the city. As part of his plan to track down Deron and foresee potential dangers, Osiban youths who leave the city are given a packet of Dimari-Diji's fungi and instructed to find a place of significance. These fungi grow harmlessly on a tree and allow Dimari-Diji to see and feel far away from his physical body.1


Dimari-Diji remembers nothing of the first centuries of his life; his oldest memory the sky burning and growing dark in -5293 AR, during Earthfall.3 He survived the deaths of his siblings, and thus became known as the Final Tree of the Elder World.7

After some time wandering Golarion, he met an old human man and shared his knowledge of magic. Since Jatembe sought more, Dimari-Diji pointed him to the correct locations where he could unravel the secrets of magic.3 Within a century, he discovered the Nemesis Well, and swore to protect it for the rest of time.7

In -3300 AR, Dimari-Diji accepted a deal with the Zenj druid Kamar to allow her people to settle in his patch of forest in exchange for their help guarding the well. The city they set up would later grow to become Osibu.7

In 2203 AR, a group of Aspis Consortium agents discovered Osibu, and were quickly arrested by the authorities.8 Torn between releasing them and killing them, the leadership of the city sought Dimari-Diji's advice, and he counseled them to either allow the agents to stay in the city for the rest of their lives or wipe their memories.9

Since 4718 AR, when Deron Malcarian betrayed Osibu's trust and protocols and vanished into the Nemesis Well, Dimari-Diji has been haunted by its accelerating whispers, fearing that these sounds are of his long-lost siblings.1


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