Ranage's Circle

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Ranage's Circle is a tight-knit circle of massive cypress trees in the heart of the Mwangi Jungle. It was planted 1,000 years ago by druids of the Jambala Jaeg tribe. The ancient magic of the circle protects against evil creatures and hostile wildlife, making it a safe resting place for those who know how to find it. The tree at the centre of the circle has a split trunk, which is wrapped tightly around a black stone. According to legend, the stone is the prison of Golokango, who is either a demon or a powerful jungle spirit. The central tree is barely alive, and according to the legend is a arboreal regent druid who sacrificed most of its life force to seal the prison. Some tales even claim that the guardian is a sibling of Dimari-Diji, the incredibly ancient arboreal regent of Osibu.1

Among its guardians is Temteki, an earth elemental that resembles a tree.2


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