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Type Animal
CR 1
Environment Warm coastline or forest
Images of dimorphodons

Source: Souls for Smuggler's Shiv, pg(s). 82-83

A dimorphodon is a member of the pterosaur family, a group of winged reptiles distantly related to dinosaurs.

They have large heads, and two rows of teeth. The front row are large and are used for holding prey and injecting poison. The second row are smaller and are used to tear flesh.

The creature's appearance leads to its nickname of the fangbird or vampire lizard. However, they are not actually blood drinkers, usually feeding on fish, reptiles, and birds. There are also tales of dimorphodons gathering in flocks of up to nine creatures in order to bring down larger prey. In those cases poison their victim with their bites, then back off while it dies.

Dimorphodons are valued as exotic pets or guard animals, as they are particularly easy to train.[1]

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