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Type Animal
CR 7
Environment Warm coastlines,
plains, or swamps
Images of quetzalcoatlus

Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 95
This article is about the type of pterosaur. For the couatl, see quetz couatl.

The quetzalcoatlus is the largest-known species of pterosaur, a family of dinosaur-like reptiles often found in the company of true dinosaurs. It is sometimes known as the swampstalker, swamp stalker, or dragonling.[1]

It has an impressive 40-foot wingspan, and on the ground it somewhat resembles a giraffe with wings (albeit one with a razor sharp beak). They are found in flocks of up to six creatures.[1]

The beasts are huge and powerful, and are notoriously difficult to train.[1]


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