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Type Animal
CR 7
Environment Warm aquatic

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 84

The elasmosaurus is a huge aquatic reptile with a distinctive long neck. It is not a true dinosaur, but is similar to them in many ways. Its legs end in flippers, making it clumsy on land but a swift swimmer in water. They inhabit tropical lakes and oceans, and can sometimes be found in schools of up to half a dozen creatures. It defends itself by biting with its large teeth. A typical specimen is 45 feet long and 4,000 pounds in weight. However, there are also similar, smaller species of aquatic reptile, such as the plesiosaurus.[1]

In Golarion

Elasmosauruses can be found in the subterranean Irikusk River, defending High Ilvarandin on behalf of their intellect devourer hosts.[2]

They can also be found in the Lake of Vanished Armies in the Mwangi Expanse. Local legend says that they are the offspring of Aomak, a monster believed to lair in the depths of the lake.[3]

Far to the north, freshwater elasmosauruses (along with countless other aquatic terrors) populate Lake Hooktongue in the River Kingdom commonly referred to as the Stolen Land.[4]

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