Dragon Empires zodiac

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Dragon Empires zodiac
Type Constellations

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 51

The Dragon Empires zodiac is a series of twelve constellations used by astrologers in Tian Xia.[1][2]

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The zodiac's twelve figures are heavily associated with imperial dragons and Tian legends, as well as with specific points in time and phases of the moon. This extends to daylight hours, even when the constellations are not visible.[3][1]

The Underworld Dragon

The Swordswoman

The Sea Dragon

The Swallow

The Ox

The Sovereign Dragon

The Ogre

The Forest Dragon

The Blossom

The Dog

The Sky Dragon

The Archer

The Oracular Council of Po Li

The Dragon Empires zodiac is one of the tools used by the Oracular Council of Po Li to help them craft official state rules that are viewed as sacred by many of the Po Lian populace.[4]


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