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Fallen Duromak

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Fallen Duromak
Type Planet
Plane Negative Energy Plane
Inhabitants Nightshades

Source: Undead Revisited, pg(s). 38

Fallen Duromak is the most famous of the planets that were sucked into the Negative Energy Plane eons ago, where it was scoured of life but remained well-preserved.[1][2][3]


What was Duromak is now one of the Dead Worlds,[4] and is orbited by moons that are slowly breaking apart. Its surface is slightly less inhospitable than the rest of the Negative Energy Plane. Scars from the magic that took place just before its death are visible on Duromak's surface, and sometimes erupt in zones of wild magic.[1]


Duromak was dragged alongside its twin from the Material Plane to the Negative Energy Plane during an invasion of devils and qlippoth.[1]


Duromak is home to ancient constructs, an entire ecosystem of void-ravaged creatures, and swarms of undead. Intelligent undead who predated its transposition into the Negative Energy Plane remember no memories of what caused the event. Except for a few who adapted to the Negative Energy Plane and carved out refuges on Duromak's moons, most of the invading devils and qlippoth have been transformed into nightshades, who are prey to even more powerful creatures. Sceaduinar patrols, for the most part, ignore Duromak.[1][2]

Prospective tomb robbers willing to brave the Negative Energy Plane might find an entire planet's wealth in Duromak, but most fail to survive the swarms of undead and escape with their loot. Its greatest mystery lies in a desecrated temple to Pharasma, the largest temple on the planet, which is littered with corpses not reanimated by the Negative Energy Plane (suggesting that their souls were stolen or consumed when Duromak was still on the Material Plane), and whose main altar is etched with the following sentence written in Aklo:[1]

Glory to the Cycle and the feast upon the damned.