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The Rune of the Diaspora
Titles The Lost Ones, the March of Stars
Type Asteroid belt
Diameter Millions of asteroids up to 600 miles across
Mass x 2 total (less than x 1/100 for any single asteroid)
Gravity Varies (larger asteroids up to 1/10)
Atmosphere Varies
Orbit Varies
Inhabitants Sarcesians
Satellites None

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 24
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The Diaspora is the wide belt of asteroids found between the planets of Verces and Eox. These balls of rock and ice range in size from smaller than a grain of sand to the size of small planetoids.[1][2]


The Diaspora was formed out of the remnants of two worlds, Damiar and Iovo, sometimes called the Twins or the Sister Worlds. The planets were destroyed in some cataclysmic, historical event[2] that occurred at some point before the founding of Thassilon in the Age of Legend.[3]

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Rune representation

In scholarly works, the Diaspora is sometimes represented by a rune: a bifurcated circle divided vertically in the middle, forming a reverse 'D'-shape next to a 'D'-shape on its right.[4]


The main inhabitants within the Diaspora are the winged sarcesians, who live on 12 magically enhanced creche worlds within the Diaspora.[2][5] Other life in the Diaspora includes:[2][6]

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Some of the most notable places in the Diaspora are listed below:[2]

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