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Harsk and Ezren battle a giant spider and an ettercap, at top right.

An ettercap, or web lurker, is a strange, bipedal creature, approximately the size and weight of an adult male human. Devious and reclusive, it prefers the company of arachnids, over which it has some control.[1] Although not of great intelligence, some ettercaps worship the insectoid demon lord Mazmezz.[2][3]

On Golarion

Ettercaps make their homes overwhelmingly in the dark, forbidding forests of temperate Avistan.[1] They have been spotted in Varisia's Mierani Forest,[4][5] Andoran's Arthfell Forest,[6] Taldor's Verduran Forest,[7] living in cairns north of the city of Korvosa,[8] attacking elven scouts in the demon-haunted southern Tanglebriar in Kyonin,[9] hiding in caves in the Nomen Heights and Kamelands of the Stolen Lands,[10][11] and overrunning the Shudderwood in Ustalav.[12] They are rarely seen in Garund, but have been spotted in the warm, dank forests of Sargava.[13] Ettercaps have also been encountered in the First World.[14]


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