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Web lurker
Harsk and Ezren battle a giant spider and a web lurker, at top right.

A web lurker, or ettercap,1 is a strange, bipedal creature, approximately the size and weight of an adult male human. Devious and reclusive, it prefers the company of arachnids, over which it has some control.2 Although not of great intelligence, some web lurkers worship the insectoid demon lord Mazmezz.34

On Golarion

Web lurkers make their homes overwhelmingly in the dark, forbidding forests of temperate Avistan.2 They have been spotted in Varisia's Mierani Forest,56 Andoran's Arthfell Forest,7 Taldor's Verduran Forest,8 living in cairns north of the city of Korvosa,9 attacking elven scouts in the demon-haunted southern Tanglebriar in Kyonin,10 hiding in caves in the Nomen Heights and Kamelands of the Stolen Lands,1112 and overrunning the Shudderwood in Ustalav.13 They are rarely seen in Garund, but have been spotted in the warm, dank forests of Sargava.14 Web lurkers have also been encountered in the First World.15


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