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Titles General
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Human (Taldan)
Class Cavalier 20
Gender Male
Homeland Ridonport, Taldor
Died 3827 AR

Source: Inner Sea Combat, pg(s). 6
This is an article on General Arnisant. For information on the dog of the same name, see Arnisant (dog).

Arnisant was a Taldan general who commanded the forces of the Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant[1] and sacrificed himself to weaken the powerful lich enough to imprison him beneath his fortress of Gallowspire.[2]

The Shining Crusade

General Arnisant was commander of the Taldan forces allied against the armies of the Whispering Tyrant during the decades-long conflict known as the Shining Crusade. Arnisant played a pivotal role in the crusade's conclusion when he personally faced Tar-Baphon on the field of battle in 3827 AR.[2] In this conflict, the lich attempted to summon Arnisant's beating heart directly into his waiting claws, but the spell was blocked by the Shield of Aroden—a powerful relic that had been wielded by the god Aroden himself. The shield shattered, and in place of Arnisant's heart, the Whispering Tyrant found himself holding a sliver of the shattered artifact, which melded with his flesh and burned him in holy fire,[3] weakening him enough for the Arodenite priest Narthoc to seal the undead warlord beneath his unholy tower.[4]


Arnisant's legacy is likely strongest in the nations of Taldor and Lastwall, both of whom hold him and his ultimate sacrifice in great esteem and claim some degree of ownership over his memory. Even centuries after his death, Arnisant's name is held high by the faltering empire of Taldor as an example of the empire's glory.[5] In Lastwall, which was founded a year after Arnisant's death, the symbol of office of the nation's reigning Watcher-Lord is Aroden's shattered shield—now called the Shattered Shield of Arnisant and considered to be among the holiest relics of the Shining Crusade.[6]

Monuments to General Arnisant's legacy can be found throughout the Inner Sea region. In Arnisant's hometown of Ridonport, a 200-foot-tall, ornately carved marble obelisk stands as a major landmark in the city's main square.[7] In the Taldan capital of Oppara, a memorial called the Shining Obelisk rises 100 feet above the city's Memorial Park district, its brass surface shining brightly in the sun.[8]

Noted Pathfinder Society member Venture-Captain Varian Jeggare has an Ustalavic hound named Arnisant who he acquired while in the land of Arnisant's sacrifice.[9]


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