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Tumen was once Osirion's largest city and briefly its capital. Located 75 miles from Sothis in the eastern Underdunes far from the River Sphinx, the city relied upon pure water drawn forth "by the grace of the Opaline Satrap whom the Radiant Pharaoh had favored, and in turn was favored by", which contemporary Osirionologists speculate, referred to a massive aquifer or portal to the elemental planes. The city's water supply began to ebb shortly before the deaths of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension, and the city descended to abandonment and an endless cycle of burial in the khamsin sandstorms.1

Despite its remote location, the city remains a popular destination for scholars and treasure hunters.2


Tumen was founded by the Four Pharaohs in -1476 AR as the new capital of Osirion. When the rule of the Four Pharaohs came to its end in -1431 AR, the capital was moved back to Sothis. The city was finally abandoned in -1334 AR.3


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