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A magic ring with a wolf motif.

A ring is a round band, usually made of metal, worn as ornamental jewellery[1] and, in some cases, as a powerful magic item.[2]

Magical rings

Some rings are powerful magic items worn on the finger that grant magical powers to the wearer. A person may utilize only two such rings at a time; donning a third ring on another finger will render the third useless. There is at least one magic item, called a hand of glory, that can overcome this two-ring limit, though most goodly folk find such a necromantic item abhorrent. Most rings provide a permanent effect while worn, though a minority of rings have charges. Rings may be forged only by trained spellcasters. A ring's power runs continually or is activated by a command word, if needed. Rarely, a ring may be an intelligent item.[2]


Magical rings are usually finely crafted items sometimes adopting a motif symbolic of the power they can imbue their wearer. Most are crafted from precious metal such as gold, silver, or platinum.[2]

Signet rings

Signet rings have a flat bezel, usually wider than the rest of the hoop, which is decorated, normally in intaglio, so that it will leave a raised (relief) impression of the design when the ring is pressed onto soft sealing wax or a similar material. They are used as the personal seal of an individual or of a noble house, often representing the heraldry associated with the noble family. A common use is to legitimise official documents or to seal letters.[3][4]


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