House Caperina

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House Caperina
Type Chelish noble house
Leader Annalia Caperina
Headquarters Petal District, Absalom
Structure Familial

Source: Assault on Absalom, pg(s). 27

House Caperina is a Chelish noble house[1] led by Annalia Caperina. They have a significant presence in Absalom, where the family has a mansion in the Petal District. The Caperinas are characterized by their narrow eyes and high cheekbones.[2]

Key members

Annalia Caperina
Annalia is the matriarch of the Caperina family.[2]
Jasper Caperina
Youngest child of the house, who respects the Pathfinder Society for helping to save members of his family while defending Absalom.[1]