House Jarvis

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House Jarvis

Noble family
National (Cheliax)
Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 63

House Jarvis are one of the nine noble houses of the Chelish city of Kintargo that make up the prominent Court of Coin. House Jarvis are more loyal to the city of Kintargo itself than to the Chelish Crown or House Thrune. House Jarvis' interests are in architecture, building, and trades related to it, including carpentry and stonemasonry.1 Members of House Jarvis often have a particularly sharp eye for concealed architectural features, such as hidden doors.2 The district of Jarvis End was named in honour of House Jarvis due to its work in raising it, and also the districts of Old Kintargo and Redroof above the seasonal flood plain of the Yolubilis River in the early days of Kintargo.34