House Jhaltero

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House Jhaltero

Noble family
National (Cheliax)
Source: In Hell's Bright Shadow, pg(s). 63

House Jhaltero are one of the nine noble houses of the Chelish city of Kintargo that make up the prominent Court of Coin. House Jhaltero are more loyal to the city of Kintargo itself than to the Chelish crown or House Thrune. House Jhaltero's business interests are in silver and stone quarries1 to the south of Kintargo in the foothills of the Menador Mountains.2 They also maintain a powerful intelligence network, and members of the House are known to have a knack for information gathering.3 House Jhaltero also has a presence in the former Chelish capital of Westcrown, where they are considered to be within the sphere of influence of the more powerful House Dioso.4


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