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House Davian

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House Davian
Type Familial
Headquarters Cheliax
Structure Noble house

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 166

House Davian was one of the noble houses of Cheliax. They were one of the main houses contending for the throne of Cheliax in the Chelish Civil War that followed the death of Aroden. They were supported in this by Baron Grallus of Sargava, who financed them out of the Sargavan treasury.

House Davian's ambitions came to an end when they suffered a heavy defeat to House Thrune at the Battle of a Hundred Kings.[1][2]

Many of House Davian's supporters, including Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin, were later hunted down by a murderous wizard known as Commandra Voxlay.[3]