New Burnt Lands

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The New Burnt Lands are a region of fire-scorched desert that lies in the heart of the Alavah Peninsula in Qadira. Once, many millennia ago, the Alavah Peninsula was a fertile farming region1 but all this changed shortly after the death of Pharaoh Menedes XXVI of Osirion,2 in 1535 AR a massive sandstorm wracked the region. This sandstorm came seemingly out of nowhere, and at its heart lay a fiery inferno that, within mere days, burnt all life from the heart of the Alavah Peninsula.1

To this days the New Burnt Lands remain a lifeless desert, ruled over by a powerful sepid div queen known only as the Lady of the Burnt Lands. A powerful fighter, she rules from a palace of jagged obsidian where her loyal handmaidens bring any person they capture. The depths of this palace are a labyrinth of distorted reflections and razor-sharp rocks where the Lady of the Burnt Lands applies mind-breaking magic to her prisoners, destroying their will utterly before releasing them back to the communities they came from. Once released these sleeper agents subtly undermine their old communities before trying to outright destroy them. The region is also home to bands of marauding jackalweres as well as dangerous desert drakes. Local villagers have been seeking out adventurers to oppose the foul Lady of the Burnt Lands, rumour has it the Lady of the Burnt Lands holds captive someone dear to the Satrap, preventing him from intervening to help his people.1


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