Moonscream Glade

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Moonscream Glade
(ca. 4713 AR)[1]
Nation Sarkoris Scar
Region Sarkorian Steppe
Size Small town
Population 254
Demographics Fiendish werewolves
Government Pack autocracy
Ruler Ahari Blackbriar
Leader Adimarus Ionacu

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 33–34

Circa 4713 AR, when the Worldwound was still open, Moonscream Glade—formerly known as Moonglade—was a small town of fiendish werewolves.[1]


Moonscream Glade is located in a mile-wide clearing of the northern Shudderwood at the base of a hill, atop which stands a ruined castle of ancient Ustalavic style.[1]


Soon after the Worldwound opened, the town's populace had been turned into werewolves by an adventuring party led by Ahari Blackbriar, an acolyte of Jezelda who forced the villagers to choose to be turned or eaten. Blackbriar continued to lead the town as of 4713 AR.[1]


Circa 4713 AR, the town and surrounding areas of the Shudderwood were populated by packs of fiendish werewolves.[1]