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The symbol of diabolism

Rule of absolute law; promoting Hell
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 236
The term diabolism is sometimes used to describe the worship of Asmodeus and his archdevils.1 For the Diabolic language, see Diabolic (language).

Diabolism is a philosophy interested in understanding, serving, and emulating the organizational structures of Hell. Diabolists do not venerate Asmodeus or his archdevils in particular, preferring to come to a greater understanding of the hierarchies, structures, and philosophies that are the underpinnings of their interactions. As such, this ideology does not grant its adherents divine power, although devotees of infernal powers often arise from such cults, making the philosophy something of a stepping stone to infernal worship.2

Diabolists believe that Hell is the most ordered and rational society in the Great Beyond and wish to transform themselves and their surroundings to model this perfect structure. They admire hierarchical systems of power, the virtue of strong leadership, the understanding that pleasure cannot exist without pain and suffering, the suppression of free will, and the value of slavery. Diabolists understand the necessity of opposing forces, and—more often than not—seek to respect the powers that govern one of the best established hierarchies of lawful order in all the planes. Most do not see these beliefs as evil, simply as a necessity to maintaining functional order.34

Diabolism on Golarion

Unsurprisingly, diabolism is most popular in the infernally tainted nations of Cheliax and its colony of Isger, where its admirers can watch its basic tenets being translated into practical statecraft. Its popularity is greatest among the nation's ruling families, with the common people generally only paying it lip service.56


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