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Source: Beyond the Veiled Past, pg(s). 72

Olordaera is a veiled master who has walked the streets of Katapesh City under a number of disguises. It currently wears two: Pactbroker Hashim ibn Sayyid, whom it murdered a few weeks after his appointment; and Voxuvika, fictional child of the great wyrm red dragon Urkarax.1


Urkarax, sire of Voxuvika, did exist six millennia ago but vanished without a trace long before Olordaera's arrival, and currently exists only as an illusion. It intends for those that investigate Voxuvika's identity to learn of Urkarax, and few are willing to continue after learning that Voxuvika is the child of a great wyrm red dragon.1


Through mundane coercion and manipulation, Olordaera has managed to turn the Pactmaster Jinvar to its side. Jinvar believes that Hashim is secretly Urkarax's servant and is giving arcane secrets to him through a mutually beneficial agreement. With Olordaera's magic, he has covertly begun a coup against the other Pactmasters and believes that finishing the mesh repeater under Katapesh will cement his undisputed role, allowing it to connect to mesh repeaters elsewhere.1 The other Pactmasters suspect that something is amiss but are unsure what that might exactly be.2

Since its arrival in Katapesh, Olordaera infiltrated and eliminated a cell of the Night Heralds and learnt secrets of the Dominion of the Black. It recognises the threat posed by the Dominion to Golarion, and is quickly searching for a countdown clock to analyse and assess when the Dominion will arrive. Its flumph ally Lorcdalie shares its goal against the Dominion of the Black but is unaware of its true nature.1

Olordaera is opposed by Shimon-Je, an abolitionist reviled across Katapesh, who learnt the truth of Hashim's death and discovered Olordaera's identity. It has hired the bounty hunter Qiloc to hunt Shimon-Je down, and has controlled the information enough to convince Wynsal Starborn that Shimon-Je is a fugitive.1

With the Gray Corsairs engaged in fighting slavery on its doorstep, Olordaera has officially requested Wynsal Starborn's help. Since these requests seem to be ignored, Olordaera has started (secretly and deniably) sending weapons to Abrogail Thrune II.3

Olordaera has requested a firearm trade with Anong Arunak, High King of Dongun Hold, after learning that Nex might be coming back soon.3

Olordaera was responsible for introducing Kassi Aziril to kandlerae, a rare alga that led her to many medical achievements, and has since continued to observe her and support her spread of atheism. By helping her to develop non-divine healing, Olordaera hopes to erode the very concept of religion.34

The Mhalssthru has warned Olordaera that it is in danger of breaking the last dictum of the alghollthus (to overreach is to threaten the eternal), and that they will have to liquidate Olordaera if its plan fails.23


Olordaera possesses a charm of aluum control, which grants it command over the aluums scattered across Katapesh.1