Pham Duc Quan

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Pham Duc Quan

His Supreme Draconic Majesty, Dragon King
Sovereign dragon (great wyrm)
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 43

Dragon King Pham Duc Quan is the mighty ruler of the empire of Xa Hoi.1 An imperial dragon in human guise, Quan is the thirteenth Dragon King to rule in direct succession from his ancestor, Pham Toan Rong.23 Quan and his twelve predecessors are revered in an almost religious fashion by some of his subjects (though they are not worshiped as gods, merely adored like saints).4

Quan took the throne in 4510 AR,5 decades prior to neighboring Lung Wa's collapse, and helped guide Xa Hoi through the chaos that engulfed Tian Xia in the following decades and made it one of the continent's greatest powers. His draconic siblings are the generals of his human legions. Quan pursues friendly relations with most neighboring countries, though he has recently stepped up naval activity in response to pirates from Minata.4


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