Tuan Huy

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Tuan Huy

Minata; formerly Xa Hoi
Source: Dragons Unleashed, pg(s). 57

Tuan Huy is an exiled sovereign dragon who was banished from his homeland of Xa Hoi after accidentally revealing important information to government agents from Nagajor that ruined numerous important trade negotiations. He fled to the islands of Minata after his banishment, where he has become the unofficial leader of a growing cluster of islands as his impartiality and diplomatic training have allowed him to guide and aid numerous islands' populations towards greater prosperity.


Youth and exile

Tuan Huy was born into the sovereign dragon dynasty that has ruled Xa Hoi for nearly 3,000 years, and was groomed for a future of leadership and authority since his hatching. He was extensively trained in matters of philosophy, theology, magic, and governance from youth, as all of Xa Hoi's imperial dragons are, and his impressive performance in his tests and assignments led to his mentors assigning him to a diplomatic troupe headed to the Nagajori capital of Zom Kullan as a further step in his training.

Despite being warned not to let his guard down when in the territory of the cunning naga rulers of the nation, Tuan Huy was overtaken by youthful curiosity and the exotic appeal of the naga city. Taking the form of a nagaji, he slipped away from his troupe in order to explore Zom Kullan. The naga matriarchs of the city took notice of this opportunity, and sent agents from the Order of the Poisoned Fang to intercept the young dragon at a bar. Pretending to have met Tuan Huy by chance, the agents plied him with conversations and drinks spiked with elixirs of truth, dulling Tuan Huy's senses and obtaining a significant amount of sensitive information concerning Xa Hoi's government and plans from the inebriated youth. While Tuan Huy was not privy to information crucial enough to significantly compromise Xa Hoi's national security, the nagas were able to use the information they obtained to thoroughly defeat the other nation's draconic emissaries in numerous ongoing negotiations.

Xa Hoi's higher leadership quickly determined the cause of their diplomats' disastrous defeat; although Tuan Huy's previous loyalty spared him from execution, his recklessness and release of state secrets to a foreign power required his exile from Xa Hoi.1


Shamed and humiliated, Tuan Huy fled east to the thousand isles of Minata. He eventually settled on a small island named Majapahit, which was already home to wayangs, Tian-Sing humans, and a small samsaran monastery, where he made his lair in abandoned temple in the largely uninhabited jungles of the island's interior. Despite his inglorious past and recent arrival on Majapahit, he was able to quickly establish himself as a figure of respect thanks to his imposing form and diplomatic training. He befriended his new neighbors and began to facilitate trade between Majapahit's tribes, and eventually between Majapahit and its neighboring islands as well. His reputation as an arbiter and counselor grew and drew more and more people to seek his guidance, until he had become the unofficial leader of a steadily growing cluster of islands. Tuan Huy, ironically enough, is gaining more influence and learning more about governance and leadership as an exile than he would ever have as a student and minor official in Xa Hoi; despite this, however, he still dreams of a triumphant return to his native land.12