Red King's Castle

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Red King's Castle is an ostentatious castle belonging to the oni daimyo Nataka, the Red King, that is situated on the mountainous border between Tang Mai1 and Xa Hoi. While most oni need to conceal their presence outside of places like Chu Ye and Shirogoku, Nataka is so powerful that he feels that he never needs to resort to hiding. The Red King's Castle is massive, looming like the volcanoes that surround it, and covered in fiery images and open flames that burn constantly along its roofline and within its walls. The Red King's Castle is home not just to Nataka, but also hordes of enslaved fire giants and their fire yai overseers, as well as fire yokai and other fiery undead.2


  1. Paizo referred to Tang Mai as Dtang Ma until the publication of Tian Xia Days and the Tian Xia World Guide.
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