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Xa Hoi

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Xa Hoi
Flag of Xa Hoi
Titles Empire of the Dragon
Alignment Lawful neutral
Capital Ngon Hoa
Ruler Dragon King Pham Duc Quan
Government Draconic monarchy
Adjective Xa Hoian; Xa Hoi
Languages Draconic, Tien
Religions Abadar, General Susumu, Irori, Nalinivati, Shizuru

Xa Hoi is a smaller nation in the southeastern part of Tian Xia, south of the Successor States (formerly Imperial Lung Wa). It is home to the Tian people known as the Tian-Dan and has been ruled by a succession of imperial dragons since its founding in -1987 AR. To the west of Xa Hoi lies the naga empire of Nagajor, and to the south, the trackless wilderness of the Valashmai Jungle.[1][2][3]


Xa Hoi is currently ruled by the Dragon King Pham Duc Quan, who can trace his unbroken royal lineage back 3,000 years to the founding of the nation. Xa Hoi is on good terms with nearly every other realm of Tian Xia, but maintains an active and well-trained army of conscripts to protect the nation from any aggressors.[2]


In -395 AR an army of haunted clockwork soldiers poured from the Clicking Caverns and attacked both Xa Hoi and neighboring Nagajor.[4] Xa Hoi and Minkai are the only two nations in Tian Xia that were never part of Lung Wa.[2]


Xa Hoi's armourers are inspired by the golden armour that protects their country's draconic leaders and craft sets of armour, using leather and steel, that depict dragon scales, horns, and wings.[5]

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