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Xa Hoi
Flag of Xa Hoi.

Empire of the Dragon
Draconic monarchy
Xa Hoian; Xa Hoi
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 16, 43 (1E)
Tian Xia World Guide, pg(s). 246–253 (2E)

Xa Hoi is a smaller nation in the southeastern part of Tian Xia, south of the Successor States (formerly Imperial Lung Wa). It is home to the Tian people known as the Tian-Dan and has been ruled by a succession of imperial dragons since its founding in -1987 AR.1234


Xa Hoi is bordered to the northwest by Tang Mai5 and to the southwest by the naga empire of Nagajor. North of Xa Hoi is Hwanggot, to the east are the Okaiyo Ocean and the archipelago of Minata, and the trackless wilderness of the Valashmai Jungle lies in the south.136


Xa Hoi is currently ruled by the Dragon King Pham Duc Quan, who can trace his unbroken royal lineage back 3,000 years to the founding of the nation. All dragons in Xa Hoi have to study philosophy, religion, military strategy, history, and magic for at least two centuries before being given any position of consequence. The laws of Xa Hoi are harsh: minor violations are fined heavily, and three punishments are common—death, conscription, and disfigurement. The dragon judges of Xa Hoi are infamously impartial and incorruptible.378

Xa Hoi is on good terms with nearly every other realm of Tian Xia, but maintains an active and well-trained army of conscripts to protect the nation from any aggressors.3


In -395 AR, an army of haunted clockwork soldiers poured from the Clicking Caverns and attacked both Xa Hoi and neighboring Nagajor.1 In 4708 AR, the nagaji hero Zethivaxus Djeed led an expedition into the depths of the Clicking Caverns, he re-emerged nine months later entombed in a clockwork abomination and leading another army of clockwork horrors that this time ravaged the highlands of western Xa Hoi.9

Xa Hoi and Minkai are the only two nations in Tian Xia that were never part of Lung Wa. During the chaos that followed the fall of Lung Wa, Xa Hoi emerged as one of the strongest nations in Tian Xia thanks to the stability of Pham Duc Quan's rule.37 Pham Duc Quan ascended to the throne in 4510 AR, before the fall of Lung Wa and the current time of turmoil.9


Xa Hoi's armourers are inspired by the golden armour that protects their country's draconic leaders and craft sets of armour, using leather and steel, that depict dragon scales, horns, and wings.10


Crews race dragon boats down the rivers of Xa Hoi.

The humanoid population of Xa Hoi consists of thousands of clans of humans, wayangs, and nagaji. People primarily self-identify by the region where they came from; mixed clans exist and are most common in the northwestern mountains. Each citizen of Xa Hoi usually worships multiple deities and also venerates (but does not worship) their king and his predecessors.7


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