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(Abyssal realm)

Abyssal Sea
Teeming multitudes of terrifying aquatic monsters
Fiendish human pirates
Monster-infested Abyssal ocean
Source: Lords of Chaos, pg(s). 14, 39–41

Ishiar (pronounced IH-shee-ahr)1 is the great underwater Abyssal realm of the demon lord Dagon.2

Teeming multitudes of terrifying aquatic monsters haunt its lightless depths, including fiendish tojanidas3 and water-loving hezrous that swim through its depths and flop on its shores,4 but none is as fearsome as Dagon himself. He resides in a sunken city called Ugothanok, sending out his minions to the oceans of Golarion to wreak havoc and spread his foul seed.2

Ishiar's surface is a warred over by the Ishians, a race of fiendish and half-fiend humans who reside on the many islands that are found on the surface of the Abyssal Sea.2

Dagon's realm is one of the largest in all the Outer Rifts, and wholly encompasses the realms of several other demon lords, including the Midnight Isles, Gogunta's realm of Mephizim, the deceased Ibdurengian's Slithering Pools, and the Flensing Rocks of Ovonovo. Sifkesh's realm of Vantian borders on Ishiar, and the great Abyssal ocean connects to the River Styx.5

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