Knights of Lastwall

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Knights of Lastwall battle through ghouls in the Gravelands.

Knights of Lastwall (4719 AR–)
Symbol of the Knights of Lastwall.

Military & Religious
Gravelands (originally)
(temporary camps)
Reclaim and rebuild Lastwall
Destroy Tar-Baphon
Protect Avistan from undead
Source: Character Guide, pg(s). 86–95
See also: Knights of Ozem

After Tar-Baphon escaped his imprisonment and laid waste to Lastwall in 4719 AR, the few surviving Knights of Ozem who survived that onslaught rededicated themselves to helping Lastwall's remaining citizens escape and to finally ending the lich-king's life: they renamed themselves the Knights of Lastwall.1


Knights of Ozem

The Knights of Ozem were a military order dedicated to the goddess Iomedae based in Lastwall's capital of Vigil. They first rose to prominence when they helped defeat the Whispering Tyrant during the Shining Crusade in the 39th century AR.234

Fall of Lastwall

In 4719 AR, Lastwall fell to the forces of the newly-freed Whispering Tyrant, becoming the undead-haunted wasteland known as the Gravelands. The Knights of Ozem rebranded themselves as the Knights of Lastwall and have continued to fight the tide of undead, despite overwhelming odds.5


Since the fall of Lastwall and the loss of their headquarters in Vigil, members of the Knights of Lastwall now only meet in temporary camps or councils to discuss strategy.6


Since their rededication, the most prominent Knights of Lastwall include Avalorex, the mysterious soothsayer; Clarethe Iomedar, the first to swear the Crimson Oath; and Watcher-Lord Ulthun II, former leader of Lastwall.6


The Knights of Lastwall contain many factions but two stand out as the most prominent, the Shining Sentinels and Crimson Reclaimers. The Reclaimers have drawn a lot of scrutiny for the strange powers they wield and the rumours of undead amongst their number who have managed to retain their mind and personality.1


The goals of the Knights of Lastwall revolve around the reclamation and rebuilding of Lastwall. Secondary objectives include the ultimate destruction of Tar-Baphon and his minions, and to a lesser extent, protecting the Inner Sea region from undead in general.6


Paizo published a major sourcebook about this organization in their Pathfinder Lost Omens line, titled Knights of Lastwall (sourcebook).

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