Temple of the All-Seeing Eye

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The Temple of the All-Seeing Eye in the metropolis of Sothis, capital of Osirion, is an extended compound of concentric temples around the reconstructed Azghaad's Spire. The inner temples and the spire itself are restricted to clerics of Nethys. The Temple of the All-Seeing Eye is the largest temple to the god that founded the city of Sothis, and thus is regarded as the prominent temple of Nethys. Among the historical treasures of the temple is a chunk of the original Azghaad's Spire. The blacked outline of the Jetrieti V is marked on the stone as a warning to those pharaohs who loot the tombs of their predecessors. The clergy of Nethys is led by the venerable Garundi cleric and mage Nefreti Clepati, one of the most powerful spellcasters in the Inner Sea region.1


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