Necropolis of the Faithful

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Sothis, with the spire of the High Temple of Pharasma clearly visible across the Crimson Canal: the Necropolis of the Faithful lies below the spire

The Necropolis of the Faithful, on the western bank of the Crimson Canal in Sothis, Osirion, is a large necropolis of limestone and granite that is one of Garund's oldest places of burial, built on the original grounds of the High Temple of Pharasma. Rather than being a haunted prison for the undead, the area is a place for the living to come to pay their respects to the deceased. Clerics of Pharasma, led by high priest Inebni Andabar maintain the grounds. The temple closes its gates at dusk, ceding the grounds to mysterious, shadowy figures.1

The Necropolis includes secret burial chambers dubbed the Contemptible Crypts, which were once used by Osirian royalty.2


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