Malhitu Bazaar

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Trouble at the bazaar

The Malhitu Bazaar sprawls across southeastern Sothis, the capital of Osirion. Although it is not walled, visitors and merchants enter through four symbolic gates: three are marked by pairs of limestone obelisks marked with the name of the current dynasty and a proclamation granting free use of the bazaar to any free Osirian or foreign merchant, and the fourth gate is used by the slave trade. The quarter-mile promenade leading to the gates is lined by nine white statues of sphinxes. Haggling is common in the merchant stalls, which often change location daily. The primary auction houses and slave stockades have permanent structures on opposite ends of the market. The antiquities trade that fills the auction houses is technically illegal, but tolerated as long as high taxes are paid and the best items are first offered for sale to the government or royal family.1


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