Palace of the Forthbringer

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The Palace of the Forthbringer, the royal palace of the Ruby Prince Khemet III and his family, is the largest structure in the Black Dome in Osirion's capital, Sothis. The palace features ornate carnelian mosaics, domes, and unusual elemental-tended gardens. The marble private dwellings of the Ruby Prince, and the structures housing his queen and children, are not entered by foreign visitors nor Osirian nobles outside the royal family. A windowless building of red sandstone adjoins the private dwellings, and houses the chambers where Khemet I the Forthbringer summoned the elemental creatures that enabled the Osirian monarchy's return.1 Having struck a deal with Khemet I a year before his rule officially began, the church of Sarenrae contributed many of the furnishings of the former palace of Irfan Arikan II (now converted to the Temple of the Eternal Sun) to the construction of the Palace of the Forthbringer.2


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