Sandswept Hall

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Sandswept Hall, sometimes called Sothis Lodge, is the Pathfinder lodge in the Osirian capital of Sothis. It is a converted jail that the Pathfinder Society rents cells out both to private customers, as well as the government to hold city prisoners; the lodge also has a side-line in bounty hunting.[1] The walls of the compound contain the two-storey main structure, underground vaults, and gardens.[2] The current venture-captain is Norden Balentiir.[3]


The gardens housed inside the walls of the lodge are designed to be a place of tranquillity amidst the bustle of the city of Sothis. They contain date palms, sycamores, and tamarisk[2]; a variety of grapevines and hanging plants are also growing on latticework. There are also two aqueduct-fed pools just outside of the garden from which the Pathfinders draw their water.[4]

Main building

The main building of the lodge is a two-storey structure built out of white limestone blocks with copper-reinforced, wooden doors.[4] Statues of two sphinxes flank the entryway.[5]


The lodge's record keeper is Aygrim Bossell, a largely senile Pathfinder kept on out of mercy by the venture-captain.[6]


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