General Lords

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General Lords
General Lord Francyne Magga.
Type Government
Leader Imperial Governor Markwin Teldas
Alignment Lawful neutral
Headquarters Canorate, Molthune
Goals Ruling Molthune, conquest of Nirmathas
Scope National (Molthune)
Structure Council of military leaders

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 123

The nine General Lords are the rulers of Molthune and commanders of the Imperial Army. The general lords rule as local governors, called territorial governors, and the imperial governor (currently Markwin Teldas) is selected by them from among their number. Currently, the general lords are bent on the reconquest of the rebellious former Molthuni province of Nirmathas. They meet quarterly in the Imperial Castle in Canorate to guide the war effort.[1]

Current members


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