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Vault Keeper

(earth, elemental)
Any underground
(Plane of Earth)
Source: The Emerald Spire Superdungeon, pg(s). 158

The enigmatic Vault Keepers were members of the now-legendary xiomorn race, creatures who maintained the enormous Vaults of Orv that their kin, the Vault Builders, enchanted with powerful magic, and populated with creatures from various locations in the Great Beyond.1 Little is known about them, other than that they must have been beings of immense power, judging by the construction of the Vaults alone. It is theorized that their Vaults were vast experiments conducted for unknown purposes.2


Not much is known of what happened to this race as, over the aeons, most knowledge about them has faded into myth. Some believe they were eventually driven away from this world after losing a prolonged war with the alghollthus;3 they are also said to have been in conflict with the neothelids.4

The vault keeper Iluchtewhar, accidental creator of the Emerald Spire was awakened several years before 4714 AR by the Numerian evoker Klarkosh, whose experiments on the spire ended up freeing Iluchtewhar from stasis.5


They created the delver race to help them build the vaults of Orv, and used pech as slaves. Both races were left to their own devices when the Vault Keepers vanished, although delvers still instinctively avoid harming pech.6


The Vault Keepers are believed to have spoken their own language: Orvian. It is still spoken by some inhabitants of the Vaults and is said to either be that language or a direct descendant of it.7


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