Voradni Voon

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Voradni Voon
Titles Warlord
Race/Species Minotaur
Homeland Casmaron
Died ca. 1st century AR

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 35

Voradni Voon was a minotaur warlord from Casmaron.[1] His desire for ascension and the Starstone[1] drove him to lay the first historical siege on Absalom in 23 AR using an army of centaurs, harpies, and minotaurs, which he brought through a teleportation gate known as the Brazen Arch from Iblydos.[2][3][4][5] He was repelled by the volunteer guards of Absalom (the progenitors of the First Guard) who were led by the god Aroden himself.[6] Aroden pushed back the besieging army to the eastern plateau on the Isle of Kortos, where he convulsed it with a series of earthquakes that also destroyed the Brazen Arch and scattered Voon's forces.[5]


His defeat is still celebrated in Absalom in the annual event known as the Passion of the First Siege of Absalom.[7]


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