Well of Lies

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The so-called Well of Lies is a dungeon in the west of Nex. It is situated in a rift near the foothills of the Shattered Range. It is believed the complex was built by the cyclopes, who called it Golanoth, in an ancient age before the fall of the Starstone.1

The archmage Nex and his adventuring companions found clues to the dungeon's location amongst the ancient ruins of the Mwangi Expanse, and eventually located and explored the complex.1 It is believed that what Nex found there, contributed a great deal to his eventual rise to power.23

There are strange scrying pools in the depths of the caverns, which purported to guide Nex in his search for eternal glory.3 It was the pools' whispering which convinced Nex to establish in the region the kingdom which bears his name. However, following their advice seemed to result in worse and worse outcomes, and eventually they came to be known as the Well of Lies.

The dungeon was sealed up on the orders of Nex. However, Nex disappeared a long time ago, and the Council of Three and Nine are lax in enforcing this edict. A few bold adventurers have been able to enter the dungeon in search of the pools' dangerous advice.1

Many of the mysterious Passages of Nex, who resemble Nex's deceased victims, migrate from the Well of Lies and across the nation of Nex claiming to speak on Nex's behalf.4


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