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A Bekyar juju priest

The darker side of Shamanism, known as juju, is an ancient Mwangi faith. The faith is based on worship and interaction with a spirit world, called the hana juju, containing beings called wendo.[1][2]

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Juju Pantheon

The juju pantheon is vast and contains wendo of varying levels of power. Some known wendo are:

Greater Wendo Spirits

Lesser Wendo Spirits

Other Wendo Spirits (rank unknown)

Juju on Golarion

Juju is practised primarily within Mwangi communities. Known adherents are:

Priests of juju are known as wendifa or juju oracles. Lead priests are classed as chief wendifa.[1] They construct pictograms of the wendo called metumbe. Unbelievers are classed as ben kudu and must never see a juju ritual.[2]


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