Mgange Cove

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Mgange Cove
Nation Shackles
Capital Ngozu
Ruler Ajuoga Baas
Languages Polyglot
Religions Juju

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 25
Mgange Cove
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Mgange Cove is the home of the juju pirates found off the south-west coast of the mainland of the Shackles. They are led by their chief wendifa: Ajuoga Baas, aided by her two subordinates, Mosi One-Knife and Xabasu. Non-natives are termed ben kudo, which means 'lost ones' in Polyglot and while they are not unknown on the island, the rules governing ben kudo are strict and obscure.[1]

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There is one main settlement on the island:[1]

  • Ngozu, the island's main port

Locations of interest

In addition to the port of Ngozu, there are other locations of interest on the island:[1]

Pirate bases

Three notorious pirate ships are based at Ngozu:[1]


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