Mgange Cove

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Mgange Cove

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 25

Mgange Cove is the home of the juju pirates found off the south-west coast of the mainland of the Shackles. They are led by their chief wendifa: Ajuoga Baas, aided by her two subordinates, Mosi One-Knife and Xabasu. Non-natives are termed ben kudo, which means 'lost ones' in Polyglot and while they are not unknown on the island, the rules governing ben kudo are strict and obscure.1


There is one main settlement on the island, its main port of Ngozu.1

Locations of interest

Other locations of interest on the island include:1

Pirate bases

Three notorious pirate ships are based at Ngozu:1


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