Irgal's Axe

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Irgal's Axe

Paramilitary insurgency
Defense of Nirmathas
Veteran fighters
Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 63

Irgal's Axe is a group of savvy veteran Nirmathi fighters skilled in stealth and subterfuge.12


The modern Irgal's Axe borrows its name from Irgal Nirmath's original band of fighters, which he formed in 4648 AR. This band was the core of Nirmathas's rebel forces during the Freedom War.12

Irgal's group disbanded after Nirmathas won its independence from Molthune in 4655 AR (and Irgal's subsequent assassination), but in recent years a new band of rebels has taken up the name in Nirmathas's ongoing conflict with Molthune.134


Irgal's Axe aids other Nirmathi troops with volleys of arrows and clever evasive techniques.1


While the original Irgal's Axe was prominently led by Irgal Nirmath, the modern group has no known headquarters or leader. It recruits prospective guerrilla fighters from small settlements.4 Prospective members must show a proficiency in stealth and woodland tracking, and are trained in the arts of silent and untraceable forest movement, trapping, and surveillance.2


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