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The Barrowmoor is the name given to the ancient burial grounds of the horselords of Nidal. Found in the foothills of the Mindspin Mountains in what is known as the Atteran Ranches region of Nidal, the Barrowmoor is dotted with charcoal-encrusted mounds holding the remains of the first inhabitants of that land. Locals have a taboo about entering the Barrowmoor, believing that ancient curses will fall upon any trespassers. Some ignore such tales, lured by the prospect of discovering ancient, buried treasure. Those who return claim that the mounds cannot be accurately counted, and that new ones appear once every few years.1


The burial mounds are home to a group of dangerous fey known as redcaps, who attack anyone foolish enough to enter their territory. Their presence alone might account for the location's dangerous reputation.2


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