Silent Shroud

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Silent Shroud

Law enforcement
Enforce the laws of Nisroch
Mute monks
Source: Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 38

The Silent Shroud is the force of terrifying, mute monks who patrol the streets of Nidal's chief port, Nisroch, enforcing that city's draconian, merciless laws. Trained and tortured from an early age to obey their masters without hesitation or question, its members (known as Silent Enforcers) are generally abducted from among the city's poor as children. During their training they have their mouths surgically sewn shut and their vocal chords cauterized by white-hot pokers. These Enforcers have no need of weapons or armor, as their masters school them in advanced forms of hand-to-hand combat.12

Typically, Silent Enforcers work in pairs or other multiples of two. Partners are assigned randomly each dawn and in this way no attachment can be formed between the agents, compromising their duties. Should a Silent Enforcer be defeated all the witnesses are seized. The nobles themselves avoid to speak of such occurrences. Silent Enforcers' vital duty is the elimination of anyone attempting to escape their authority.3


The Silent Shroud is led by a mysterious figure who is only known by this title: the Shrouded One.2


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