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Nation Nidal
Size Village
Population 195
Demographics 158 humans, 34 fetchlings, 3 other
Government Overlord (baron)
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Baron Stepan Boroi

Source: The Midnight Mirror, pg(s). 30-31

Karpad is a small village approximately 100 miles north of Nidal's capital, Pangolais, just south of the region known as the Atteran Ranches. It has been ruled for centuries by the Barons of the House of Boroi.[1]

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The virulent disease known as tallowthroat originated in Karpad. It spreads by physical contact or by consuming tainted water, and symptoms include waxy skin, a swollen throat, and increased irritability. It is apparently connected to the Plane of Shadow; fetchlings are immune to the disease, though they might act as carriers. If untreated, within a few days a fatal, gruesome explosion of the swollen neck goiter releases shadow creatures in the disease's final stage.[2]


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