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Maw of Shadow
Large city
Nisrochi (s.)/Nisrochis (pl.)
Source: Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 34

Nisroch is the largest city in Nidal and also its most open. For most of the port's visitors that isn't saying much. The few ships that do dock here are closely inspected, and the streets are heavily patrolled. Finding little in the way of traditional port entertainment, most foreigners don't spend any more time in the company of the suspicious inhabitants than they have to. Recent reports, however, indicate that pirates from the Shackles have been mooring at the city's docks with increasing frequency. The reason behind this isn't known, but is likely to eventually strain Nidal's relations with Cheliax, which is in constant conflict with the pirates of western Garund.1


The city was founded around -3000 AR as a small fishing village.2 In 4704 AR, White Estrid, the King of Halgrim, conducted a daring raid with 15 longships on Nisroch.2


The port of Nisroch is located at the mouth of the Usk River as it flows into Nisroch Bay,3 and occupies both the north and south banks as well as a number of islands in the river's delta.4


Nisroch earns most of its wealth through trade, as it is Nidal's only sizable port city that has access to the country's hinterland via the Usk River. Most of the ships that dock here come from Cheliax and Varisia, although, as has already been mentioned, spies operating among Andoran's Gray Corsairs have reported a recent influx of pirate vessels from the Shackles as well.3


The city is overseen by the lesser aristocracy of the nation's ruling body, the Umbral Court. Even though they spend as much time plotting against each other as they do ferreting out traitors and apostates of Zon-Kuthon, they run the city with cold efficiency and keep it immaculately clean. Any form of visual art, music, and merrymaking is strictly forbidden by the city's rulers.3

Law enforcement

Law in Nisroch is enforced by an organisation of brutal monks known as the Silent Shroud. These violent law-keepers harvest their agents (called the Silent Enforcers) from the lower classes. They are kidnapped as children and then tortured and trained until they obey absolutely; finally their mouths are sewn shut. The Silent Shroud is run by a mysterious figure known only by his title: the Shrouded One.3


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Though the city is run with cold efficiency, the cost has been the complete removal of art, revelry, and music from society. Any frivolity or appreciation of beauty has been replaced with military theory, dark poetry, and mysticism involving shadows and darkness. Despite the draconian laws and unfriendly natives, cults of Desna flourish from time to time in the city when foreign cult leaders establish small meeting places and safehouses for those who oppose the regime.3 The demonym of someone from Nisroch is Nisrochi.5


Nisroch is one of the settlements extensively detailed in the 2009 publication Cities of Golarion.

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