Stom's Claim

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Stom's Claim
Nation Cheliax, Nidal (unclear)
Region Menador Mountains
Size Hamlet
Population 51
Demographics 34 humans, 14 dwarves, 3 halflings
Government Council
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Leader Assayer Courone Adle;
Catas Ceet, doctor;
Stom Dolock, founder

Source: Below the Silver Tarn, pg(s). 5

Stom's Claim is a ramshackle silver mining camp deep in the Menador Mountains between Cheliax and Nidal.[1]


Stom's Claim is nestled deep in the Maze region of the Menador Mountains, a chaotic jumble of twisted peaks and valleys. The hamlet sits on a massive deposit of pure silver next to a pungent dark lake known as the Silver Tarn. As it sits on the border of Nidal and Cheliax, neither nation has yet enforced control over the hamlet.[1]


Kellid tribes that once dominated the area were pushed back into the Maze during Taldor's conquest of the region. Some stories attribute the area's reputation for curses and undead activity to the tribes, which are suggested to have made dark bargains in order to survive.[1]