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Brightness seeker
(Prestige class)

Any, often Kyonin
5 levels
Source: Elves of Golarion, pg(s). 28–29

Brightness seekers are elven seers with insight into reincarnation who pursue a form of enlightenment known as the Brightness. These elves interpret signs and portents in the world around them that lead them to uncannily accurate predictions, and those who master the path can manifest the abilities of their past animalistic lives, avoid death, and retain their memories after reincarnating themselves into another form.1


All Brightness seekers can interpret natural omens and act upon these insights. Their beliefs and connections to animals grants many a heightened degree of empathy and communication with animals.2

The souls of those who master their pursuit of the Brightness do not progress to the River of Souls upon dying a violent or unnatural death (barring certain permanent methods of killing a being, or raising them as undead). They instead reincarnate themselves into a new, healthy, same-sized adult animal form that retains its memories. As they live in this new form, the Brightness seeker might regain their previous elven form and appearance; if killed while still in this new animal form, they cannot reincarnate themselves again.2


Brightness seekers believe death is a part of a being's existence and a transitional point into a new phase of their lives, rather than the end of it. They pursue connections with and wisdom from their prior incarnations, which are often of simple animalistic forms, and seek what they believe is their original form as well as the means to return to it.2

In elven society

Most elves respect, or even venerate, Brightness seekers and aid them if possible in their pursuit of enlightenment.2


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