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Diseases of Golarion

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Artist's interpretation of death.
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Diseases are a common feature of everyday life on Golarion. They range from innocuous colds and fevers to virulent outbreaks that can kill in a single day. Diseases are most common in poor areas with high population densities, where lack of good sanitation, poor ventilation, bad nutrition, and access to effective healing are endemic.1


An infestation is a type of disease caused by parasites, rather than the usual forms of disease, and they require special means to cure and may be contracted by those normally immune to disease, including androids, for instance. Undead creatures, and other non-living creatures, are immune to parasites. Normal magical means of curing diseases are still effective against parasites. Specific infestations may be found in the list below.2

Gods and disease

The deities Urgathoa and Ghlaunder are the patron deities of infection and disease. Ghlaunder's deranged followers in particular feel it is their holy duty to spread sickness wherever they go.3

Creatures and disease

Certain creatures spread disease, sometimes through their bite, such as a rabid dog. Alternatively, some creatures are associated with disease, such as leukodaemons, the deacons of the Rider of Pestilence.4[citation needed] Furthermore, some creatures, such as a carrion golem are created to spread disease.5[citation needed] In this article, creatures are listed under the diseases with which they are associated.

List of diseases

A plague overwhelms the city of Korvosa.

Below is a list of some of the diseases that can be found throughout the world. Some are found on every continent, while others are highly localized. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Aklo submission

This disease is just one of those spread via the blood of an ugothokra, an artificial aberration created in the laboratories of the Dominion of the Black to spread contagion. Specifically, Aklo submission attacks the brain making the victim particularly suggestive to commands barked in the Aklo language.6


This deadly disease is most-commonly transmitted via the decaying bodies of infected animals. As they decay, particles of the disease permeate the ground and can lay dormant for decades or perhaps even centuries. Other creatures become infected when they breathe in these particles, or eat plants grown in the soil. The disease can also be passed on through direct contact with an infected person or animal. Symptoms, which include fatigue, nausea, skin ulcers, and difficulty breathing, generally appear within one to six days. Upon onset of symptoms, anthrakitis can kill an average human in under three days.7

Anxiety spores

Anxiety spores are carried and transmitted by the claws of the fear eater, an evil fey creature. The disease targets the victim's emotions causing nervousness and visible muscle spasms.8

Avernal fever

This disease, also known as devil chills,9[citation needed] is carried by various devils, including accuser devils, edavagors10 barbazus, and nessaris, passed on through contact with the devils' natural attacks. It is also carried by pit hags.11

It generally causes the infected person to become quite weak within a few days. Although it is a quite virulent disease, it is not life-threatening.12 It is also known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13

Blackscour taint

Blackscour taint is a fungal disease14 contracted by ingesting any part of a blackscour mushroom, or by drinking water that these mushrooms were growing in. 15

Bleak Breath

This terrible disease broke out in the Ustalavic city of Kavapesta in 4249 AR, killing hundreds. The city's citizens refused to flee, seeing the illness as a test by the goddess Pharasma.16


See also: Blightburn

This deadly disease, sometimes called blightburn sickness, is caused by exposure to a rare, radioactive mineral found in the Darklands also called blightburn. It causes increasing frailty, skin sores, hair loss, and brittle bones, and can quickly lead to a disfiguring death.1718

Blinding sickness

Blinding sickness is a debilitating disease that, while not fatal, can lead to permanent blindness in the victim.19[citation needed] It is generally transmitted orally through ingestion of filthy water,2021222324 or by being injured by infected creatures, such as giant vultures.252627 It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13

A Plague Doctor, part of the official response to the blood veil.

Blood veil

Blood veil (sometimes called bloodveil)28 is a deadly engineered disease created by priests of Urgathoa working in collaboration with Red Mantis agents. It was manufactured at the behest of Queen Ileosa Arabasti of Korvosa, who wanted to use a major outbreak of the disease to bring the city under her complete control. It is a less deadly, but more virulent form of Vorel's phage, and was engineered from that malady. It is characterized at first by headaches, fatigue, coughing, and a characteristic red rash which spreads over the infected person's face. As the illness worsens, the rash develops into pox-like blisters which spread from the face to the neck and limbs, the cough worsens considerably, and lymph glands swell into painful buboes. In the final stages of blood veil, the blisters grow to the size of grapes, black patches are visible under the skin due to internal bleeding, and the victim coughs up blood. If left untreated, blood veil can kill the average human in about a week.29

Bloodfire fever

Bloodfire fever is carried exclusively by the trollhounds of eastern Avistan and Iobaria, and passed on through their bite. The trollhounds themselves serve only as hosts and do not display symptoms. Those who are bitten begin feeling weak within a day, followed by severe internal pain as if the victim's blood were on fire. Additional symptoms include loss of muscular coordination and severe weakness. Bloodfire fever is generally not fatal.30


Originating from the Silver Mount in Numeria, bluespit is a bacterial infection that is contracted if a person inhales a blue-tinged spittle coughed up by a previously afflicted creature. Birds and mammals are carriers of this disease. Initially a victim is fatigued and if they fall unconscious due to this fatigue, they start to suffocate until death releases them.31

Bogwid fever

Bogwid fever is spread through the bite of a bogwid, a swamp-dwelling aberration.32


Bonechill may be contracted through injuries sustained through exposure to cold weather.33

Bonecrusher (dengue) fever

Bonecrusher fever, also known as dengue fever, is a debilitating, but generally not fatal disease common in Golarion's tropical climates. Carried by mosquitoes, it gets its descriptive name from sick person's sensation of having his of her bones crushed from within. Those infected most often have high fevers, terrible headaches, and a distinctive rash that appears as red dots.7 It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13

Boot soup

Boot soup is a fungal infection of the foot. The fungus is reddish-brown in colour, and grows painlessly over the foot over approximately 24 hours. Ideally, it should be removed within this time, as afterwards the fungus starts to feed on living tissue, reducing movement and ultimately leading to paralysis. It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13


Brainworms are not a disease, but tiny parasites. They are passed on via contact with an infected host. They infest the brain, and cause erratic behaviour and in extreme cases serious brain damage. It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13

Bubonic plague

This deadly disease is also known as Daemon's Touch or the Black Death, and can kill the average adult in under a week after first exposure. It causes weakness, severe inflammation of the glands, nausea, fever, headaches, and the swelling of the lymph nodes. In the later stages of the disease, bleeding under the skin is common, which often takes on a black pallor. Generally carried by infected vermin or parasites,7 such as tick swarms,34[citation needed] it is also known to be carried by such monstrosities as the undead vrykolakas35 and drekavac,36 shaghals,37 and the div pairaka.38 It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13

Bubonic plague may also be contracted by creatures without a lymphatic system; for example, infected ropers exhibit symptoms including crumbly lumps on their skin and a distracting euphoria, without actually being harmed by the disease. Unfortunately, for others, the roper's lumps still contain highly contagious plague if burst.39

Cackle fever

This contagious disease affects the mind and causes the victim to laugh uncontrollably. Although it isn't fatal, it can render the average human unconscious in under four days.19 It is one of the diseases spread by the avatar of disease, the leukodaemon,40 and is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13


Cacodaemonia is spread by the bite of a cacodaemon and causes the mind to weaken and allows telepathic communication between the infecting cacodaemon and the infected.41[citation needed]

Chillbane fever and chillbane shakes

Chillbane fever is an Irriseni disease endemic to that wintry country. Chillbane shakes is a weaker variant of the fever. Both cause fatigue and sickness.42 As well as a weaker variant, there is a more powerful variant of this disease known as virulent chillbane fever.4344

Choking Death

The Choking Death is a terrible respiratory disease that spread westward from Iobaria in Casmaron throughout most of Avistan in 2742 AR.45


Cholera is a dangerous disease which causes severe diarrhoea and vomiting, and if left untreated, can kill the average human in about a week. The only creature known to carry it is the carrion golem.46

Coward's Mark

Coward's Mark is a fungal infection contracted through inhalation of fruiting bodies or contact with an afflicted person. Symptoms include ringworm-like round marks on the skin and a fear of other people, hence the disease's name, but the disease actually attacks the nervous system. Victims' corpses are covered in thousands of fruiting bodies within hours or days of death that are carried by the wind to further spread the disease.2

Creeping senility

Creeping senility is a disease and a curse that attacks the mind over several days unless cured.47

Crypt fever

Crypt fever is particularly nasty since, like mummy rot, it is both a disease and a curse: the curse must be removed before effectual healing may be applied to the victim. This supernatural disease can be contracted through contact with a contagious entity or by inhaling. The disease wearies the victim: sapping their strength, confidence and self worth; victims are physically marked by the disease too.48

Daemonic wasting

Daemonic wasting is spread by the bite of a meladaemon and causes the body to weaken.41[citation needed]

Demon fever

Despite its name, demon fever is actually a deadly disease carried by night hags and not demons. It is passed on through a hag's bite and has absolutely no incubation time; effects occur immediately. Multiple strains of the disease exist, some of which can only be cured by magical means. If left untreated, it can kill an average human in under four days.49[citation needed] It is endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13


The demonplague, sometimes demon plague, is a terrible affliction spreading through water in the Worldwound that both kills animals and corrupts plants. The disease brings on madness—paranoia and hallucinations—then decay and rot, including loss of limbs, and then, finally, death. Unintelligent creatures afflicted by the disease rise soon thereafter as undead creatures called plagued beasts; plagued beasts are also carriers of the disease, passing it on to anyone they contact. Outside the Worldwound, the disease seems much less virulent proving its Abyssal heritage.50


Dissolution is the curse of a wasting disease.47

Dominion plague

This bizarre disease is associated with the Dominion of the Black and causes afflicted creatures' bodies to suck in nearby light and shed darkness; creatures entering this darkness are exposed to the plague.51

Dvezda plague

Amongst the numerous plagues that have beset Iobaria over the centuries, the Dvezda plague is named after the Dvezda centaurs who were practically made extinct by this particular plague. Modern centaurs living in the Dvezda Marches seem to have adopted resistance to the disease, but the contagion still lives on. The plague is a virus that causes severe fever and sweating after a few days incubation, followed by tremors. The blood is then thinned, leading to bleeding from various orifices. Ultimately, death follows.52


Drakeplague was a sickness originating from Iobaria that spread in 4519 AR53 and had a terrible impact on the draconic population,54 killing 60% of the dragons of that land. The disease was apparently ended due to the sacrifice of the silver dragon, Cithaythren.55 The last survivor from the Drakeplague is the white dragon, Sjohvornor, still widely feared in Iobaria.56


Dysentery is the term given for a broad range of intestinal afflictions. It causes explosive diarrhoea. This can lead to dehydration, weakness and even death. It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13

Eidite sickness

Eidite sickness is spread via contact with the toxic mineral called eidite found in the Karggat Hills near Alkenstar. The mineral may well be another foul relic of the ancient war between Geb and Nex. The disease attacks the brain and makes the body more susceptible to other diseases and poisons. A particularly unusual element of this disease is the fact that constructs are not immune to it: constructs are normally immune to all disease. Constructs contracting the disease go berserk attacking any living creatures.57

Enteric fever

Also known as typhoid fever in cooler climes, this disease is spread by contaminated food, often the result of ingesting raw or undercooked meat. Within a few days of infection, the victim develops severe nausea, high fever and sweating, exhaustion, and abdominal pain. Later, rose-colored spots appear on the chest and abdomen, and the infected person often suffers from dehydration and the shakes. If left untreated, enteric fever can kill in under five days.7


Ergia may be contracted through exposure to the strange blue energy emanating from the Nameless Spire at the North Pole of Golarion. The disease transforms the victims' organs into a liquid blue energy and prevents the raising from the dead of any victim dying of this affliction. Those in the process of dying of this disease glow blue as if a revealing light spell had been cast upon them.33

Fevered dreams

Fevered dreams is a curse that brings on nightmares and consequently fatigue.47

Filth fever

See putrid plague.

Final rest

Final rest is an alien disease hailing from the crashed spaceship in Numeria that kills by sucking emotion out of its victims. It is caught via inhalation.2


A less severe version of dysentery, firegut causes vomiting. It can be hard to recover from. It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13

Flesh ripen fever

This disease is just one of those spread via the blood of an ugothokra, an artificial aberration created in the laboratories of the Dominion of the Black to spread contagion. Specifically, flesh ripen fever attacks the body of the victim decaying their flesh so that it emits a nauseating stench, sickening the victim and those nearby.6

Fogshroud miasma

Fogshroud miasma is a disease that affects anyone inhaling from a disease-laden ground-lying cloud found in some swamps and marshes.58

Fractal etch [Infestation]

Fractal etch is an infestation caused by harmful nanites. The name derives from the symptom of circuit-like etching across the victim's scalp but, within the brain, nanites are attacking memory and experience. Contact or inhalation are the ways this infestation is spread; electricity may be effective in destroying the nanites and thus curing the disease. It has been observed that victims dying of this infestation may not be raised as undead creatures.2

Fungal rot

Fungal rot is a disease carried by the creature known as the slime mold, which passes it on through contact with its outer membrane. The infected person becomes fatigued in its early stages. Eventually paralysis sets in and the skin takes on a black hue before breaking down and running from the body like a liquid. Death generally occurs in seven to ten days if left untreated.59[citation needed]

Galtan pox

See syphilis.

Ghoul fever

Ghoul fever is a supernatural disease carried by undead ghouls, ghasts, and lacedons. It is transmitted through the creature's bite, and becomes full-blown within a single day. This debilitating disease, if untreated, will kill the average human in under a week. Those killed by ghoul fever will rise from the dead the following midnight as either a ghoul, ghast, or lacedon.60[citation needed] Eating ghoul flesh can also cause ghoul fever.61 Skavelings, sometimes called ghoul bats, also carry ghoul fever in their bite.62[citation needed]

Glacier plague

Glacier plague is found in areas of supernatural cold and so is common in ruins and forests of Irrisen. The disease freezes an afflicted person from within causing initial feelings of tiredness and fatigue and then slowness, akin to petrification: speech is lost and movement is severely hampered and slowed until it is lost completely. The disease itself is not fatal but any victim caught outside and frozen is very likely to subsequently die from exposure.44


The gout is a painful inflammation of the joints, most commonly the joint at the base of the big toe. It is caused by the excessive consumption of meat or beer, or simply by being overweight. As such, it is most often an affliction of the wealthy.6364

Grey/gray pox

Grey pox is carried and spread by the spittle of schir demons. As they constantly gnaw their halberds, the disease is also spread through injuries from any schir's weapon. The disease weakens the victim eventually causing catatonia; it is accompanied by grey splotches on the skin, which give rise to the name of this disease.65[citation needed]

Green haze

Green haze is a mould infection of the eyes. If untreated, it can cause permanent blindness. It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13


This disease causes patches of skin to crack and weep an extremely unpleasant green pus. It is normally contracted through injury, but some carrion-eating birds may become carriers of it. It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13

Hag pox or Hag's pox

See syphilis, below.

Half-life palsy

This disease is also a curse. Interestingly, this disease has extra potency against undead who feed off afflicted victims.66

Harlot's curse

See syphilis, below.

Howl of the North

A madness brought on by the disorientation caused by the long polar nights, Howl of the North inflicts the victim with a primal fear of animals. Natives of the polar region seem immune to this insanity.33

Implant rejection syndrome

This disease is just one of those spread via the blood of an ugothokra, an artificial aberration created in the laboratories of the Dominion of the Black to spread contagion. Specifically, implant rejection syndrome attacks both mind and body of its victims, but is particularly aggressive against cybernetically-enhanced creatures as it can disable cybernetic implants.6


There are many afflictions that can affect the mind brought on by extreme suffering in mind, body or spirit or through witnessing events of an horrific, alien or maddening form. In extreme cases, the afflicted goes insane. Insanity may also be inflicted on a victim using magic via a spell or a curse. Insanity may be cured by magic or by natural, albeit long, methods. Some types of insanity known are:67[citation needed]

  • Amnesia
  • Mania
  • Multiple Personality Disorder
  • Paranoia
  • Phobia
  • Psychosis
  • Schizophrenia


Leprosy is a disfiguring disease that can be contracted through simple skin contact with an infected person. If not treated immediately, it becomes much more difficult to cure. The victim develops skin lesions, severe nasal congestion, and has a hard time healing most wounds.7 It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse13 and Qadira,7 although it can also be found in other parts of Golarion as well.68

Ash leprosy

Ash giants carry a type of contagious leprosy called ash leprosy.69[citation needed]

Scarlet leprosy

A much more virulent and deadly form of leprosy exists called scarlet leprosy, which is a highly virulent and fatal form of the disease. It causes similar symptoms to leprosy, but is much harder to cure and, if left untreated, can kill a human in under three days.46 It is normally carried by carrion golems and can arise in places where biological waste is poorly handled.18 The sub-continent of Vudra is known to suffer outbreaks of scarlet leprosy on occasion.70


Malaria, sometimes called jungle fever, is transmitted by mosquito bites. It causes fever and convulsions. It can sometimes lead to brain damage, especially in children. It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13

Mana fever

Mana fever is a magical disease spread by Mana Wastes mutants which affects both mind and body. Immunity to the disease is gained after a week's suffering but at the terrible cost of becoming a Mana Waste mutant.71

Mark of the Prophet

Mark of the Prophet, or Moaning Tears, is a virulent disease spread by the wearer of the Apollyon Ring.72


Mindfire attacks the brain and causes severe pain, but it is not ultimately fatal.19[citation needed] It is endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13

Moaning Tears

See Mark of the Prophet.


The disease mortasheen is known to be carried and transmitted only by the aquatic fey called nuckelavee. Avengers of wrongs done to nature, they pass on the disease via their jaws, hooves, and weapons,73 or else through the horrific blight they can project from their bodies. Unlike most diseases, mortasheen begins affecting the infected person immediately after exposure. The victim becomes listless and tired and can die in under four days if not cured,7475 but the disease progresses faster in animals and plants73. Once a person becomes infected, he or she also becomes a carrier, albeit of a less-virulent form of mortasheen.7475

Moxix's Delectation

Moxix's Delectation is a disease specific to the unique demon called Moxix, the Drinker of Human Hopes, who is bound to the Shackles' island of Yoha's Graveyard. The disease is spread by the demon's breath weapon and is incredibly virulent and attacks both mind and body. Furthermore, sufferers of the disease feel a compulsion to eat the flesh of humanoids and any sufferer who dies of the disease shortly thereafter rises as a ghast.7677

Mummy rot

This supernatural affliction is both a disease and a curse. It is passed on via direct contact with many types of undead mummies. Symptoms appear within one minute. It can only be cured if the curse is lifted first via magic. In addition, those infected are highly resistant to any form of healing magic until the curse is lifted. It quickly weakens and severely disfigures the infected person and can kill an average human in under four days. Those who perish from the disease crumble to dust and cannot be resurrected by normal means.78[citation needed]

Variants of mummy rot are known to exist, including:79

  • Corpse chills
  • Grave ichor
  • Phantom infestation
  • Swamp crumble

Necrotic boils

This deadly disease is thought only to be carried by the undead creatures known as festrogs. The creature is covered in sickening boils, which when ruptured can pass the disease through contact with the skin. Symptoms include high fever and the growth of painful, puss-filled boils which cover the body. If untreated, necrotic boils can kill the average human in about four days.80

Night Plague

Night Plague was a terrible disease that was used by the Usij, necromantic followers of the Osirian Pharaoh of Forgotten Plagues in -3064 AR to wreak havoc among the royal houses of Jistka Imperium.8182

Parasitic soul

Parasitic soul is a curse and a disease acquired through opening a phylactery of the failed. Succumbing to the curse/disease means the soul of the failed lich contained in the phylactery begins to take over the cursed person's body, ultimately using the body to achieve the goal of lichdom.83

Phycomid spores

A very fast-acting disease caused by the spores of the phycomid entering a creature by ingestion or injury. Dying of this disease spawns a new phycomid in the body of the deceased.84[citation needed]

Plague of Madness

The Plague of Madness was a magical disease released by a cult of Lamashtu on the Osiran city of Wati in 2499 AR. Many of those not immediately claimed by the fever succumbed to a murderous and cannibalistic madness that claimed the lives of countless others. In a matter of months, over 60 percent of the city's population perished in agonizing torment.85

Pulsing puffs

Pulsing puffs is the name given to a fungus infestation of untreated wounds. Small blue spores start to grow within the wound, and grow into beautiful phosphorescent mounds that pulse in time to the victim's heartbeat. They prevent the wound from healing naturally, and in time reduces the victim's dexterity.86 It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13 Furthermore, pulsing puffs is the disease most commonly spread by the fey creatures called poleviks. They throw puffball fungi, which contain the disease, at enemies; these symbiotic fungi are grown on the polevik's body.87

Purple pox

Myceloids spread purple pox via their spores and anyone breathing them in or exposing an injury to them may acquire the disease. The onset of the disease is rapid and the body of anyone dying of purple pox bloats and bursts a day later releasing a new myceloid. Some creatures affected by the disease yet not fatally, nevertheless can gain a compunction to offer their bodies to the myceloids for sacrifice.88[citation needed]

Putrid plague

This disease, also known as filth fever, is passed on via the bite of infected animals, particularly those that frequent sewers, such as rats and otyughs, or giant flies;89[citation needed] creatures that feed on carrion, such as giant vultures;27[citation needed] generally unhygienic creatures, like harpies;90 and undead, such as huecuva and penanggalen.9192[citation needed] Symptoms appear within 1–3 days and include general fatigue with muscle and joint aches. If left untreated it can kill the average human in under a week.93[citation needed] It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13


This potentially lethal and common disease is passed on through the saliva of infected animals. Dogs are the most common carriers. Generally transmitted through open wounds, it has a slow onset, but if left untreated, can kill an average human in a little over a week.94[citation needed]

Rapture pox

Rapture pox is a disease known to be carried by the construct known as a carrion golem. If left untreated, it leads to an outbreak of disfiguring boils over much of the body, severe nausea, followed by apathy and listlessness.46

Red ache

It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13 In more temperate forests, red ache is carried by giant ticks.34[citation needed] Gugs are also carriers of the disease.95

Red ague

Red ague is a temporary ailment brought on by consuming a plant found in the Mwangi Expanse known as scarlet vetch. It causes extreme irritability and combativeness in addition to high fever. In extreme cases, the person suffering from red ague goes into a mindless frenzy in which he or she attacks anyone in sight.96

Red drip

The fungus infection known as red drip leads to the swelling of the hand. The nails bleed and eventually drop off, and the hand becomes covered in weeping sores. The infection then spreads to the rest of the body, leading to death.97 It is known to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse13 and is creeping across western Isger thanks to the Wight Mother of Isger.98


The Scales is so rife in one of the districts of Ilvarandin that the district of Scales is named after it. It causes dry, flaky skin which reduces physical flexibility and self-confidence. It is particularly virulent when infecting reptilian creatures.99

Scarlet leprosy

See Leprosy.


Scurvy is the bane of seafaring folk but can be kept at bay by imbibing fruit juices.100

Sewer madness

This nasty disease is spread by exceptionally diseased otyughs known as plaguebearers. It is a virulent infection which attacks the health and agility of the victim, and also saps their judgement and willpower. 101

Shadow blight

Shadow blight is a supernatural strength-sapping disease spread by plague shadows: shadows of disease-bearing animals. Being a supernatural disease, it requires magic to remove a curse in addition to removing the disease in order to effect a cure. If the disease is not cured, the sufferer will die and rise again as a plague shadow within days.102


The illness known as the shakes is believed to be endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.13


Shattermind refers to a group of insanity-causing diseases that are spread by skin contact amongst predominantly humanoids and monstrous humanoids.2

Sikari rage

The disease known as Sikari rage is carried by the Sikari macaque monkeys of Vudra. The creatures are often aggressive in nature, and pass it on through their bite or scratches. Those affected immediately become incoherent and filled with intense anger, lashing out at those around them without thinking. This condition quickly passes, however, as the disease seems to be unable to live outside of the body of a Sikari macaque. Only humanoids seem susceptible to this ailment, with other animals being strangely immune.103

Sleeping sickness

This disease, endemic to the Mwangi Expanse and Sodden Lands, is spread by insect bites. It causes fever, joint pain, swelling of the neck and glands, and severe fatigue in its early stages. Later on, it attacks the brain, causing confusion and a lack of coordination. The victim begins to loose track of time, while continuing to suffer from alternating exhaustion and insomnia. Arsenic can sometimes cure it, if the patient survives the effects of the poison.977

Slimy doom

Little is known of the deadly disease called slimy doom, other than that it is endemic in the Mwangi Expanse.1319 It is known to be carried by such megavectors as the drekavac,36 ochre jelly,104 meladaemon,105 leukodaemon,40 and via the contagion,106 cursed earth,107 or epidemic spells.108

Soldier's peace [Infestation]

Soldier's peace is usually injected and so is not contagious. The jab consists of nanites that flow to the brain and can, from there, cause sickening pain whenever the subject performs a violent act or has violent thoughts.2


Some creatures can spread diseases via spores such as the phycomid (see above) or the cythnigot qlippoth.109[citation needed]


Syphilis is the Elven term for a venereal disease, which causes terrible disfiguration and, ultimately, death if not treated. It has many common names including 'hag pox' or 'hag's pox', 'harlot's curse' and 'Galtan pox'.110111


Tallowthroat originated in the town of Karpad in Nidal. It spreads by physical contact or by consuming tainted water, and symptoms include waxy skin, a swollen throat, and increased irritability. It is apparently connected to the Plane of Shadow; fetchlings are immune to the disease, though they might act as carriers. If untreated, within a few days a fatal, gruesome explosion of the swollen neck goiter releases shadow creatures in the disease's final stage.112


Also known as "lockjaw" or "ironjaw", tetanus is a disease generally transmitted by exposing an open wound to contaminated or rusty metal. Symptoms generally present within one to six days and include difficulty swallowing, headaches, fever, and eventually violent muscle spasms. Those infected often complain of severe stiffness in the jaw, which can lead to difficulty eating or speaking. Tetanus is not fatal.7

Thought Crawlers [Infestation]

The term "thought crawlers" refers to an infestation of the body by a particular parasitic worm that is caused when a wound is exposed to the worms' tiny eggs. The hatched worms move via exposed nerves into the nervous system and then to the spine and the brain and take residence in cerebrospinal fluid. Then the infestation begins to afflict the victim with gradually worsening neurological symptoms, adversely affecting the fighting capability, for instance.113


Tursas is a disease specific to the iku-turso aberration and passed on by its bite. The disease is supernatural in nature and, eventually and painfully, transforms the victim into an iku-turso. The aberrations consider the disease to be sacred and the victims thereof blessed.114[citation needed]

Typhoid fever

Urgathoa's breath

Urgathoa's breath, also known as tuberculosis, and is disease common to large cities, especially in neighborhoods where sanitation is minimal or non-existent. Symptoms can sometimes take years to present and include a chronic, bloody cough and chest pain. If not treated, the infected person can develop high fever, chills, loss of appetite, night sweats, and fatigue. Priests of Urgathoa are known to have develop a particularly virulent from of this malady, one in which the infected person can develop symptoms in a matter of days. They use it to instil the proper fear of their goddess in the infected.7

Vargouille's kiss

See also: Vargouille

Vargouilles reproduce by kissing helpless or willing creatures, which passes an infection known as the vargouille's kiss. The disease sickens its victim within hours, causing their hair to fall out after two hours and their ears and teeth to begin extending into wing- and fang-like forms after a further two hours. After six hours, the afflicted being falls unconscious and dies within a further two hours. Upon death, the transformation is complete and the victim's head removes itself from the body as a newly formed vargouille.115

The disease is curable, and its stages become arrested if the afflicted being is within sunlight or a sufficiently powerful magical light.115

Void death

This disease is spread by the bite of an akata: their mouths hold parasitical, larval young which are transferred to a humanoid host. Creatures dying of this disease rise as void zombies just hours later.116[citation needed]

Vorel's phage

This disease is exceedingly rare and has only been reported in southeastern Varisia. The onset of symptoms is incredibly quick, generally within a single day, and can include painful and disfiguring facial tumors, and a slow sloughing-off the dermis over the entire body. Eventually fatal of left untreated, the painful disfigurement often makes the victim go insane first.7

Waste trembles

Waste trembles is a disease affecting the strength and nimbleness of a creature contracting it. It is spread by the bite of a capramace: a wild aberration found in the Mana Wastes.117118

Wendigo psychosis


Wormrot is carried by benaiohs, the ancient creations of stone giant followers of Fandarra. The disease is transmitted when a benaioh sprays slime at its opponents and its onset is almost instantaneous. The disease attacks the body causing sickness followed by potentially fatal weakening. Creatures dying of this disease are, within a day, transformed into benaiohs themselves.119

Yellowtongue sickness

This disease ravaged the goblin Kingdom of Zog in 4217 AR. Weakened, it fell to a loose coalition of adventurers, river folk, and half-elves that same year.120

Zombie rot

Zyphus rot

Zyphus rot is a magical disease carried by Zyphus zombies, undead created by the Zyphus Stone, an Azlanti artifact unearthed in Oppara, Taldor in 4708 AR. Corporeal creatures slain by a Zyphus zombie (or by other individuals infected with Zyphus rot) rise as regular zombies a few minutes later but do not carry the disease.121122123


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