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Shax, the ruler of Charnelhome
(Abyssal realm)

A vast bog surrounds the house
Shax's victims
Immense house of countless sinister rooms
Source: Lords of Chaos, pg(s). 24, 40

Charnelhome is the name of the Abyssal realm of the demon lord Shax.123


The realm is a vast, city-sized house raised above a huge bog filled with vicious, carnivorous plants. Within the house, every room is either guarded by a monster or filled with a trap. Many of Shax's prisoners are tormented by being placed in the house while Shax watches their attempts at escape; this helps him to improve his methods of killing. Sometimes Shax himself will disguise himself as a fellow victim to sadistically feel the fear of his prisoner's at close hand.123


In addition to Shax's many prisoners, thoxel demons are commonly found within Charnelhome. Many fights break out amongst the thoxels and other servants of Shax, including babaus4 and chokers, with all his servants desperately trying to prove that they are Shax's best servants.5


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