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(Abyssal realm)
Ruler Zura
Ecology see text
Denizens Vampires, wretched, duped souls
Description Mountainous woodland gothic realm

Nesh is the name of the mountainous Abyssal realm of the demon lord Zura. Within the mountains, a long valley contains a spectrum of environments, moving gradually from cold to warm: snowy peaks and glaciated valleys; woodlands and moor; jungles and swamps. It is always nighttime in Nesh, and the sky has an alarming similarity to the night sky of Golarion.

Poor duped mortals live in Nesh believing it to be in their Material Plane world; only the evil village leaders are aware that they are actually in the Abyss. In a similarly sadistic way to the hunts of Jezelda's Moonbog, favourites of Zura are allowed to hunt these frightened humanoids within the realm.[1]