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(Abyssal realm)

urban, ruins, burning forest, volcanic wasteland
A chunk of Hell ripped out and placed next to Lamashtu's realm of Kurnugia
Source: The Great Beyond, pg(s). 28, 49

This unusual layer of the Outer Rifts was originally part of Hell. Lamashtu struck a deal with the four Goblin Hero-Gods, siphoned their home into the Outer Rifts, and placed it next to her own realm of Kurnugia.

This strange history is evidenced by the various ruins of Basalfeyst, which are in the architectural style of Avernus. Intact buildings are a bizarre mix of demonic, infernal, and goblin styles.

Each of the four demigods—Hadregash, Venkelvore, Zarongel and Zogmugot—has their own region. The other main feature is the Screaming Pyrelands, an ever-burning forest. The heart of every tree is believed to be the imprisoned soul of a goblin who remained loyal to Asmodeus instead of pledging their allegiance to Lamashtu and is condemned to burn in agony for all eternity.

Other unclaimed territory consists mainly of volcanic wastes and plateaux.12

Goblins believe their heroic deeds will bring them to Basalfeyst on death to serve their masters. They also believe that if they fail they will also go to Basalfeyst to be food for the Goblin Hero-Gods.3


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