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(Abyssal realm)

Entire world with numerous ecologies
Undead filled

Uligor1 is the name of the Abyssal realm of the demon lord Orcus. It is an entire world of different environments all filled with undead.2

The realm is not entirely Orcus', for there exists a vast population of thanatotic titans: some worship Orcus while others are merely allied to his cause, but others war against him and his allied titans in a civil war which engulfs large tracts of Uligor. The reason for the war and who commands the enemy titans is not known, apart from it being likely to be a shadowy demigod; the war has lasted for millenia.2


  1. In Descent into Midnight, Orcus's realm is given as "Thanatos", the name of his realm in Dungeons & Dragons. The name of his realm was changed to "Uligor" in subsequent publications.
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