Rift of Repose

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Rift of Repose
The Rift of Repose.
(Abyssal realm)

Quasi-souls of dead demon lords
Hidden rift

The Rift of Repose is a hidden and unclaimed rift within the Abyss, where accumulates the quasi-souls of demon lords that have been slain. Their very power and worshippers mean that, even in death, something of the demon lord survives: the demon lords' remnants manifest as fossilized forms on the wall of the Rift.1

Though this place remains unclaimed it is not uninhabited. Mythic nalfeshnees known as Curators act as self-appointed custodians who watch over the fossilised corpses.2

Sometimes, righteous beings will invade the Rift with the hope of obliterating the demonic remains to ensure such evil can never be resurrected. Unfortunately, these corpses have a habit of reforming elsewhere in the Rift after being destroyed. Even more troubling, the remains have been known to spontaneously resurrect upon reforming on rare occasions.2


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